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THE IDEA: Driving Change in Education

In a world buzzing with innovation, the use of digital technology in education is no longer an option. It’s the only way forward. Yet educators across the country are struggling to keep up with the explosive growth of new technologies.

The extra time, resources and energy needed to fill their classrooms with mind-bending ideas is almost non-existent. And students who leave education unequipped for the digitally driven world are paying the price.

We believe we can change that.

Our mission doesn’t just sound revolutionary, it is. Instead of leaving teachers to grapple with these massive changes alone, we want to bring the latest and most exciting EdTech discoveries to their doorstep and let them focus on what matters most – empowering the next generation of makers, creators and entrepreneurs.

Our specially redesigned American school buses are packed with the most recent tech inventions, such as virtual reality headsets, 3D printers, 3D animation equipment, robotics, and plenty more!

Is there a better way to inspire the young generation to pursue careers in tech than letting them experience the wonders of the digital world firsthand? Probably not.

Our journey so far

With only one kitted bus on the road, we have already managed to visit X schools and have a constantly growing waiting list. The idea is catching fire.

As they jump aboard the tech bus, the excitement among both teachers and students is palpable. It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure that can’t be compared with any type of classroom experience… but don’t take our word for it.

Where will the money go?

Technology is just as expensive as it is exciting.

To make this ambitious project happen, we’ll need to import 5 American school buses from the US, kit them out with the latest technology, staff the buses with the best experts we can find and then visit every school in the UK to spread the spirit of innovation. Yes, quite a project. But what a thrill, too!

We would be extremely grateful for your help and support in turning this back-to-the-future idea into a roaring success. We’ll use every penny raised during this campaign to drive change in education, so that those at the receiving end can drive our future forward.